• Maritime Festival



    17-21 May

Maritime cultures of the world in Pasaia

The Pasaia Maritime Festival will be held for the first time ever. The event will take place from 17–21 May, and for those 5 consecutive days, the waters of this Guipuzcoan municipality will be the meeting point for traditional boats from different parts of the continent.

Pasaiako Arraun Ohitura

This festival will be a great international maritime encounter that will offer visitors a cosmopolitan atmosphere full of cultural, gastronomic and musical activities.

These activities will take place between the water area, which will be where the different traditional boats sail, and the land area, which will cover the four districts of the municipality in spaces conceived as villages where numerous activities related to gastronomy, crafts and music will take place.

It is worth mentioning the visit of the Hermione, a replica of the frigate with which the Marquis de Lafayette made his contribution to American independence.

Pasaia, to a good harbour

Let me welcome you to this website on behalf of the municipality of Pasaia.

The month of May will be here soon, and with it the first edition of this Maritime Festival, which was born with the aim of being a great cultural and tourist-friendly event.

For a few days, Pasaia will be the stage where cultural agents from all over the continent will converge, and maritime heritage, which is so important for the development of Pasaia as a municipality, will be the main protagonist.

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Izaskun Gómez Cermeño
Mayoress of Pasaia Town Council