Izaskun Gómez Cermeño

Pasaia, to a good harbour

Izaskun Gómez Cermeño
Mayoress of Pasaia Town Council

Let me welcome you to this website on behalf of the municipality of Pasaia.

The month of May will be here soon, and with it the first edition of this Maritime Festival, which was born with the aim of being a great cultural and tourist-friendly event.

For a few days, Pasaia will be the stage where cultural agents from all over the continent will converge, and maritime heritage, which is so important for the development of Pasaia as a municipality, will be the main protagonist.

Pasaia is a town which was born and grew around its natural port, which, for thousands of years, has been linked to maritime activity. Our town has been one of the main focuses of the evolution of the naval industry, with numerous shipyards and renowned sailors. All this heritage, tangible and intangible, has been passed down to the current inhabitants, making Pasaia an important centre of Basque maritime heritage. Not only are current fishing, trade and shipbuilding still part of our industrial backbone, but the cultural and historical elements related to these activities are more than visible today thanks to the initiative of associations working for the recovery of this maritime heritage.

The Festival will allow us to move to the past, relive our history and breathe the essence of the daily life of our former sailors. The waters of the bay will be dressed with traditional boats from different parts of Europe that will be small floating museums full of activities.

The Municipal Corporation wanted to count on the participation of Pasaia’s inhabitants to design the Festival. It is a great pleasure for me to present a programme produced from the work of many people who, either through collectives or individually, have contributed their effort and dedication in this challenge. I would like to thank them for their time and dedication, because without this collaborative effort none of this would be a reality. Also, I want to emphasise that we remain open to all proposals, suggestions or ideas that come from the people of Pasaia.

Last but not least, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our guests and open up for them, wider than ever, the doors of our town. We invite you to share this maritime culture party with us!